Wonder Goal to Win Match Is Worthy Of The Praise

Argentine Eial Strahman (Image from Goal.com)Scoring the winning goal in a game is one of the sweetest feelings for any footballer. The feeling can only be bettered if that goal comes deep into injury time and is scored in a spectacular fashion. We have all witness match winning late goals as fans of the beautiful game which only adds to the overall excitement of the day. But for the players, these opportunities don’t come around that often. When they do, the players composure under pressure is fully tested as he or she stands to be the difference between one point and three points. If they can put it away, they will be the hero of the hour, praised by both fans and teammates. If they miss, they bear the brunt of some angry jabs and remarks from the same duo.

Eial Strahman has been in great form this year (Image from AFP)

Eial Strahman has been in great form this year
(Image from AFP)

For Argentine striker Eial Strahman, that opportunity fell to him during last weekends game between Universidad Guadalajara and Celaya. With the game tied at 0-0 going into the 93rd minute, it appeared to most that the match would end as a stalemate. Some fans had seen enough and made their way to the exits only minutes before but the ones that remained witnessed something magical. As Universidad attacked for what would be the final time, the ball is floated into the area towards the waiting head of veteran midfielder Juan Gomez. The 36-year-old jumped high to reach the ball but it floated just inches over his head, much to the surprise of the Celeya defenders. As the ball dropped, Celeya defender Jose Islas stretched out his right leg to clear the ball only for it to take a wicked deflection and sail upwards. Strahman, who was waiting in the box at this time closely marked by Luis Trillo, peeled away from his marker to position himself with his back to goal. With a single movement and watching the ball the entire way, Strahman launched himself into the air and performed a near perfect overhead kick that thundered past Juan Roldan in the Celeya goal.

Roldon is helpless as the ball flies into the net (Image from Guardian.co.uk)

Roldon is helpless as the ball flies into the net
(Image from Guardian.co.uk)

The strike was the last action of the game but not the end to the story. Following the goal and extended celebrations, the Celeya players resented what they saw as time-wasting and protested which resulted in a post match brawl with Celeya defender Abraham Riestra, goalscorer Strahman and Universidad striker Edgar González all receiving a yellow card. Unfortunately for Gonzalez, the yellow was his second of the match so a red card and suspension followed. But nothing could dampen the spirits of Strahman who will be happy with his match winning strike for some time to come.  

To see Strahman’s spectacular overhead kick, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PF6zzXWHZ6Y