Celebrations Gone Wild In Mexico With WWF Move On The Pitch

The now famous Nani Flip Goal Celebration (Image from AP)One of the best things about being a fan is watching your team score then celebrate. Sometimes these celebrations can be as simple as running towards the home crowd with your hands held high in an effort to receive their praise. Others prefer to be more creative, taking their golden opportunity to showcase a unique set of skills and the depths of their imaginations. Hours of practice can go in to create the perfect goal celebration, much to the frustration of managers and coaching staff across the globe. We all remember the unique celebrations such as Nani’s multiple flips or the wonderfully crafted Gone fishing celebration by Icelandic team Stjarnan FC. After scoring a late winning goal, the entire team took part in what looked like a fishing expedition where a player was reeled in by another then held aloft like the prize trophy fish for a teammate to photograph.

Something fishy with this goal celebration in Iceland (Image from TheSun)

Something fishy with this goal celebration in Iceland
(Image from TheSun)

But in a recent game in Mexico between Pachuca and Cruz Azul, the goal celebrations got a little crazy. Only three minutes into the game, Pachuna went on the attack through midfielder Ángel Reyna. After a tussle with Cruz Azul midfielder Israel Castro, Reyna brought a bouncing ball under control with one touch. His next was nothing short of sublime as the powered his strike into the top right hand corner of the Cruz goal, beating a helpless Jose Corona. What happened next was equally spectacular as Reyna and his teammates ran over to celebrate the goal. In a pre arranged and hopefully pre practiced celebration, Reyna got a hold of  teammate Abraham Carreño before performing a wrestling style manoeuvre on him that The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin would be proud of. Reyna, holding on to Carreño for support, whipped his legs up and round, grabbing Carreño by the neck before throwing him to the floor.

WWF Inspired Moves In Mexico  (Image from Youtube)

WWF Inspired Moves In Mexico
(Image from Youtube)

Both players were unharmed but their must have been concern on the Pachuca bench as they watched this all unfold.They players will have talked about this is training and agreed to do the celebration, even if manager Gabriel Caballero and his staff hadn’t. It will certainly go down as one of the craziest celebrations of all time and will likely be shown again and again throughout the years to come. At only 28 years old, Reyna still has a few years left in his footballing career but may now be thinking about the potential for a new career in the WWF following this performance.

To see the Gone fishing celebration, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82wM8s-_2RM

To see the WWF finisher move, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iw52Oxp4BYs

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