Tim Roth Picks Up His Toughest Role Yet As Sepp Blatter

Sepp Blatter will be played by Roth (Image from Getty)The name of Sepp Blatter will remain in football folklore long after his time as FIFA president has finished. Blatter’s legacy will be a mixed one with many believing that his time in charge of football’s governing body was somewhat tainted by his apparent blindness to the corruption of the organization’s members and the decisions that these corruptions spawned. But he has achieve a lot and managed to build the FIFA brand into a globally recognized super power. He delivered a World Cup in Africa for the first time and has supported the growth of football in various 3rd world countries. His fifteen year tenure has been a colourful one that will now be captured in a new film due to be released next year.

World Cup 2010 was held in South Africa  (Image from FIFA)

World Cup 2010 was held in South Africa
(Image from FIFA)

The film entitled F2014 will focus on Blatter’s time as FIFA president but its unknown at this stage if the film will delve into his dark and mysterious misgivings or be more of a propaganda style film, praising his running of corporation.  Rumours that FIFA have approved of the making of the movie are sweeping football, suggesting the latter but until the film is released. One thing that has been confirmed is that established British actor, Tim Roth will pick up the role of Blatter with Jurassic Park’s Sam Neil as Joao Havelange, Gerard Depardieu as the founder of the World Cup Trophy, Jules Rimet and German born actor Thomas Kretschmann as Horst Dassler, the son of Adi Dassler who famously founded Adidas in 1948. Roth, known for his roles in Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, was a surprise choice to many to play the Blatter but as a known method actor will be sure to produce a performance fitting of the man.

Even Blatter himself was surprised as he spoke about the decision to cast Roth in his shoes:

“Tim Roth was quite surprised to meet me but we have some, let’s say, common qualities. I have to say it was a very interesting get-together. I was very eager to meet him and I have just realized we have something in common”

British actor Tim Roth (Image from Getty)

British actor Tim Roth (Image from Getty)

What exactly they have in common is a mystery but Blatter has taken to Roth and is anxiously looking forward to seeing his performance. Whether he will be speaking to Roth following the screening is a different matter. Filming has already begun with locations in Azerbaijan, France and Brazil confirmed and is due to be completed and released before the kick off of next year’s World Cup in Brazil. Ironically this could be Blatter’s last World Cup as the 77 year old likely to step aside in the 2015 FIFA presidential elections. It will be a fitting end to his presidency that by then will be captured on film for people to see long after Blatter’s retirement for the world’s most watched game.

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