Despite it being a cold Tuesday night in Paris, the recent clash between PSG and Man City provided a brilliant and entertaining game of football. Paris won the game 2-0 against the Premier League champions, Manchester City with Messi officially opening his goal scoring account for his new owners. Manchester City came into the game on the back of a bitter-sweet win against Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea. City have been in great form and scored five goals on their last outing in the Champions league so expectations were high going into the game.

The game started slowly with both teams testing the waters with initial tactical movements. About 8 minutes into the game, City let Mbappe free due to an error from Kyle Walker and the momentum of the game changed almost instantly with Mbappe attempting to find Neymar. The Brazilian scuffed his shot but, the ball fell into Gana Gueye. City’s defence managed to close the gap on a shot but Gueye managed to curl the ball beautifully into the top right corner. Ederson was planted to the spot, unable to react quickly enough to the unstoppable shot.    

Despite conceding an early goal, the game was still on as City maintained possession and were threatening PSG’s goal with several good chances. Mahrez and Sterling made attempts to cut inside and take shots, with the best chance falling to Sterling who hit the cross bar. Unfortunately Bernardo Silva could not redirect the rebound into an open net in what was tell tale sign of how the night was going to pan out for the Manchester club.

A minute later, Sterling had another shot blocked but Mahrez was on hand to catch the defence off guard and return the ball to Sterling who was unaware and the ball was eventually cleared by Herrera. This moment was the perfect encapsulation of City’s woes, a lack of an attacking mindset. On a day where De Bruyne had an off night, they did not possess anyone with the eye towards the goal. Had Sterling attempted to take a volley from Mahrez’s ball, the entire game could have been different but that wasnt to be.

In addition to De Bruyne, Grealish had a quiet game, playing out wide while Sterling was deployed more centrally. Grealish’s instincts throughout the game were to put crosses into the box or split the defence to open space but he tendency to pass the final ball rather than cut inside to take the shot himself was problematic for City. More is needed of him to justify the price tag if City are to establish themselves as European elites.

City’s best chances came in the first half but in the second half, Pochettino made several tactical changes that turned tge game in PSG’s favour. The French champions came out strong into the second half and started to close the gaps in their defence. Herrera, who had been lying in a deeper position started moving up the field more and Mbappe timed his runs making fewer offside calls. This all contributed to PSG making more chances as they searched for a second goal. Guardiola removed Grealish for Foden but, PSG at this point were in control of the game.

In the build up to the game, Messi had stated that he was desperate to score for PSG and he didnt have to wait long. City uncharacteristically let slip of the ball and Messi pounced on the chance dribbling the defence out wide before making a diagonal run to the box. He then sent the ball through Mbappe just outside the edge the box, who cleverly laid it back off to Messi who took the shot with the left foot. There was no stopping this goal. Even if City had man marked him tighter, Messi still possesses that natural ability to glide around the pitch and find the space where it doesnt exist. That goal galvanized PSG and perhaps has given them the confidence to go on and challenge for the Champions league title this season.

PSG are far from perfect but, this group stage win could set the cogs in motion for the knockout stages. On the other hand, City need a plan B for tight games, Guardiola needs a striker who can muscle him a victory. Mahrez should not be tracking back for defence, Sterling needs to always be thinking goalward. More importantly, they need Gundogan and Kevin de Bruyne back to their best if they are to turn things around.

Post by Subhash Narasimhan, Contributor to BOTN


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